“The product line is essentially made up of splendid jacquard velvets and “loop and pile” velvets, yarn-dyed and developed in all the most fascinating compositions, in a great variety of complex designs and weaves; followed by piece-dyed velvets in a myriad of colors with a strong accent on the ennobling of silky aspects and sensations.
Our product line is completed by an extraordinary series of printed velvet with highly prized graphics, as well as our lines of silk velvet, cotton velvet and mohair velvet”

“D’Etoffe has always offered on the market a wide range of velvet for upholstery in all its facets.”


Netwithstanding delivery, the property in the goods or in any further goods have been manufactured, incorporated or altered ( the goods) shall remain in the seller property until the buyer has paid for the same (or any other monies due from him to the seller) in full. Please take duly note that no claim will be  accepted on cut or manufactured cloth.

  • The goods travel at the buyer’s own risk, even if they are shipped freight paid.
  • No complaints 14 days after receiving the goods are allowed.
  • Delivery is always roughly indicated.
  • If expired invoices are not paid, the seller may suspend deliveries, cancel contracts currently under execution or to be executed, and retaliate with negotiations for the outstanding amount.
  • Payments are not valid unless made directly at our headquarters.
  • In the event of a dispute, Prato is listed as the address for service.