“D'Etoffe took its first steps in 1991 in the wake of tradition and culture in the art of Florentine artisan weaving. The love and passion for furnishing fabrics of its founder have developed this formidable company. In a few years, our company has been able to gain an important place on the velvet market, both in Italy and internationally.”
“On a daily basis, D’Etoffe creates velvet fabrics of the highest quality and aesthetic level, which establish real fashion trends on the market and are selected by the most important distributors of fabrics, interior decorators, designers, architects and furniture manufacturers. From the very beginning, D’Etoffe has favored creative expression and a qualitative artisan approach to transform their ideas into fine fabrics. Today D’Etoffe deals with making a wide variety of velvet such as silk velvet, mohair velvet and cotton velvet, but also velvet for upholstery and many others.”